Monthly: China's coking coal prices continue rising on recovered demand Coking Coal 2022-09-30 14:09:49

China's coking coal prices continued to increase in September as coke makers' demand for the feed coal increased. But th......

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1 Indonesian, Australian thermal coal prices steady yet under downside pressure 2023-11-29

Indonesian thermal coal prices were largely unchanged, but could likely fall owing to limited buying from China, traders said.Only a few trades were heard concluded in recent days by Chinese traders t

2 China's coking coal and coke markets to further strengthen 2023-11-29

The near-term outlook for coking coal and coke markets in China showed continued upbeat signs even after coking plants completed the second round of coke price increase.While coke-making profits were

3 EU coal port inventory reaches 5-wk high 2023-11-29

Coal stocks at northwestern European import terminals notched a five-week high on the back of slower withdrawals and increased vessel arrivals, media reported, citing port data released on November 28

4 China thermal coal prices dip after brief rally, what lies ahead? 2023-11-29

After a two-day brief rise, China's thermal coal prices have stepped onto the downward track again late last week, leaving participants puzzling over the future trends.At northern ports, spot 5,500 Kc

5 Indonesian coal production expected to exceed 695 Mt by 2023 2023-11-29

Coal production of Indonesia is expected to exceed the official target of 695 million tonnes by 2023, Reuters reported, citing Hendra Sinadia, the executive director of the Indonesian Coal Mining Asso

6 India coal production rises over 20% YoY 2023-11-29

India's ministry of coal reported a 23% year-on-year surge in total coal output from captive and commercial mines during April 1-November 20, amounting to 80 million tonnes, according to local media.D

7 China futures market updates at close (Nov 29) 2023-11-29

Check out latest updates on the Chinese futures market for coking coal, coke, iron ore and others at close.

8 China Coal Daily Track (Nov 29) 2023-11-29

Thermal coalProduction area A few mines suspended or cut production after completing production targets and due to heightened safety inspections, tightening supply in the mine-mouth market. Some miner

9 Monthly: China Nov PCI coal market extend decline amid cautious buys 2023-11-29

China's PCI coal prices remained weak in November over prudent market sentiment and tepid purchases among steelmakers and middlemen.Increased raw coal production at major producing areas brought suffi

10 Three Gorges Dam water outflow falls below yr-ago level 2023-11-29

Hydropower output is predicted to decrease alongside the end of the main flood season. However, given more precipitation this year compared to last year, insiders generally expected the current hydrop

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1 Japan Oct crude steel output at 7.52 Mt, up 2.6% YoY 2023-11-24

Japan produced 7.52 million tonnes of crude steel in October, rising7.1% month on month (MoM) and 2.6% year on year (YoY), according to data released by the Japan Iron and Steel Federation.The output

2 China's new agency outlines $280 bln plan to develop data infrastructure in next 5 yrs 2023-11-24

China is likely to see a total investment of around 2 trillion yuan ($280 billion) over the next five years to build out critical data infrastructure, in a sign of the country's commitment to developi

3 China's top 3 provinces Oct coal output posts YoY growth yet down MoM 2023-11-24

China's raw coal production in October registered the highest year-on-year growth since June, albeit declined from the previous month, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).The country

4 China futures market updates at close (Nov 24) 2023-11-24

Check out latest updates on the Chinese futures market for coking coal, coke, iron ore and others at close.

5 Indonesian thermal coal stabilizes on cautious buy 2023-11-24

Indonesian thermal coal prices were almost unchanged on November 24, as Chinese buyers became cautious after the Chinese domestic market cooled down.Offers for December-loading Panamax cargoes of 3,80

6 China Coal Daily Track (Nov 24) 2023-11-24

Thermal coalProduction area Except for several mines in overhaul or longwall change, most mines continued normal operations. Chemical and metallurgical plants maintained steady purchases, while spot b

7 QHD port coal stocks range-bound; N ports' slowly reduce 2023-11-27

Coal inventory at China's major transshipment port of Qinhuangdao stayed generally flat compared with the week-ago level, as falling temperatures further accelerated turnover of term contract coal at

8 Weekly global coal market news summary (Nov 20-Nov 24) 2023-11-24

Newcastle thermal coal prices strengthen on coal-exit protestNewcastle thermal coal prices continued to rise, nearing the psychological level of $130/t, driven by supply concerns as protest calling fo

9 China's portside thermal coal market cools as demand pulls back 2023-11-24

Sentiment in China's domestic thermal coal market weakened on November 24, with fewer transactions concluded as buyers deferred purchases to push prices down.While the overall sentiment has sourced, o

10 China's top 5 provinces' coke output down 2.8% in Oct 2023-11-24

The top five provinces – Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Hebei and Xinjiang – produced 22.37 million tonnes of coke in October, down 2.8% on the month and accounting for 53.9% of the country's total,