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  • Tuesday June 22,2021
  • 16:17:00Coal  
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    India's largest state-run power generator NTPC plans no new coal imports in current fiscal 2021-22 (April 2021-March 2022), given ample domestic coal supply and government's drive to substitute seaborne coal with domestic supply.

  • 15:55:03Coal  
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    Sxcoal said China's seaborne import thermal coal market kept strengthening. While a few power plants gave up part of tenders issued last week, the overall demand remained robust. There were also some tenders to issue tenders this week. Currently, offer prices of Indonesian 3,800 Kcal/kg NAR thermal coal were offered at $64-65/t FOB on a Supramax basis.

  • 15:49:54Power  
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    The first spot trade of renewable power was concluded on June 22 at the Guangdong Power Trading Center, with the volume at 2.45 GWh. The trade assumed significance that not only can power producers and sellers gain an extra "green" income on top of normal incomes, but also it marked the reform of green transition in the way of production and consumption.

  • 15:47:32Coal  
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    Sxcoal learned Ganqimaodu has been in shutdown since June 16, resulting in limited Mongolian coking coal cargoes available at the port. Currently, Mongolian 5# raw coking coal was offered at 1,530-1,550 yuan/t, up 100 yuan/t from the start of this month.

  • 15:38:48Others  
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    According to the Ministry of Water Resources, since mid-June, rainfall has continued in eastern Inner Mongolia, central western Heilongjiang, western Jilin, and northern Liaoning. Recently, there have been moderate or heavy rains in eastern Southwest China, southern Jianghuai, northern Jiangnan, Hubei, and northwest Guangxi recently. Heavy rains also hit parts of southern Guizhou, eastern Hubei, southern Anhui, and northern Zhejiang. Affected by the rainfall, 21 rivers in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Sichuan experienced heavy floods.

  • 15:35:35Coal  
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    Coal deliveries to Queensland's largest coal export Port of Gladstone remained suspended as the Blackwater Coal Rail System still closed after a locomotive collided the rear of Aurizon coal-transporting train on June 18.

  • 15:30:44Coal  
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    Offer prices of thermal coal continued to move higher at northern transfer ports. As the 100th anniversary of founding of the Communist Party of China draws near, inspections kept frequent at production areas and the overall supply continued to decline. As it is still unclear where the market will head for, utilities cut purchases and deliveries. Currently, coal stocks stood at a middle level, but some low-stocking producers were forced to buy with high prices

  • 15:30:37Coal  
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    On June 22, China's most-traded coke futures opened at 2,615 yuan/t and closed at 2,681 yuan/t, up 0.43% from a day earlier; coking coal closed at 1,968.5 yuan/t, up 0.38%; thermal coal closed at 850.6 yuan/t, up 0.33%.

  • 15:21:38Coal  
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    Indonesia's energy ministry and state-owned power company PLN have reached an agreement with Indonesian coal miners to ensure adequate coal supplies for the rest of the year. PNL forecast power sales to rise 4.7% year on year in 2021,market source said.

  • 15:18:00Coal  
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    Supply of coal for long-term contract came under greater pressure, with the continued spreading of price gap btw contract and spot offers. Thermal coal prices surged at production areas after safety checks tightened supply, and miners increased spot supply to pursue higher profit.

  • 11:00:00Steel  
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    The most-traded iron ore for Sep delivery on the Dalian Commodity Exchange tumbled 8.79% to close at 1,121 yuan/t on Jun 21, the same day when the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration for Market Regulation emphasized to ensure supply, stabilize prices, crack down on price hyping, hoarding and spreading malicious rumour, during their visit to Beijing Iron Ore Trading Center.

  • 10:28:03Coal  
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    China Coal Transportation and Distribution Association said actual fulfillment of mid- and long-term coal contracts in 2020 totaled 867 Mt, taking 95.2% of total. Actual fulfillment in Q1 of 2020 was 231 Mt, taking 98.4% of the corresponding target.

  • Monday June 21,2021
  • 17:24:51Coal  
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    Prices of imported cargoes went up too. Prevailing offers of Russian K4 coking coal rose 30-50 yuan/t to about 1,530-1,600 yuan/t. Closure of Ganqimaodu border crossing made available cargoes limited, and offers of Mongolian 5# raw coal up ticked to 1,530-1,550 yuan/t.

  • 17:24:08Coal  
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    Thermal coal imports took the largest share of China's total coal imports in May, at 44.5%, followed by lignite imports, at 35.7%, then by coking coal imports, at 16.2%.

  • 17:23:00Coal  
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    The top-five suppliers of China's coal imports in May were Indonesia, Russia, the Philippines, Mongolia and Colombia, with total coal imports at 19.34 million tonnes, accounting for 91.9% of the country's total coal imports.

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