• 2017-2018 China Coking Coal Market Analysis and Forecast

  • Cycle of publication: Annual

    Date of completion: Jan, 2018

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In 2017, China's micro-economy has been growing steadily in a rising momentum while coke output decreased. The consumptions of coking coal dropped slightly. The policies intensified. Coal market prices ran in high position, and industrial profitability improved notably. As approaching the end of 2017, Fenwei Energy is timely releasing 2017-2018 China Coking Coal Market Analysis and Forecast, interpreting the key policies and forecasting policy evolutions in 2018. The report also conducted a detailed analysis of the operation of coking coal market in 2017 and also presented an explicit anticipation of coal market in 2018.

Based on coal and related industrial databases after many-year accumulation of Fenwei Energy and compiled by experts in coal industry, the report carried out a deep analysis and forecast into coal market, integrating policy research, data model, quantity analysis and experts' experiences.


Part 1: 2017 China Coking Coal Market Review

1.  2017 Coking Coal Market Overview

2.  Macro-economic Background

     2.1  Macro-economic overview -GDP, IVA, PMI, CPI, PPI…

     2.2  Fixed Asset Investment -Investments into real estate, infrastructure and manufacturing

     2.3  Production introduction to main steel-related industries -automobile, ship building and home appliances

3.  China Coking Coal Demand Analysis

     3.1  Steel industry operation analysis

           3.1.1  Analysis of policies affecting steel industry operation -eliminating low quality steel, de-capacity, environment protection and air pollution management

           3.1.2  Pig iron, crude steel and steel production

                    —— Nationwide and by region

                    —— By steel products

           3.1.3  Steel import and export

           3.1.4  Steel prices

     3.2  Coking industry operation analysis

           3.2.1  Coking capacity and output

           3.2.2  Coke import and export

           3.2.3  Coke price

     3.3  Coking coal consumption

           3.3.1  Nationwide and by region

           3.3.2  By coal type

4.  Analysis of Major Policies Affecting Development and Market Operation of Coking Coal Industry

     4.1  Supply-side reform

           4.1.1  De-capacity policies and their implementations

           4.1.2  Construction and newly-added advanced capacities

     4.2  Policies to safeguard safety production

     4.3  Policies to stabilize coal prices

     4.4  Policies to protect environment and control air pollution

     4.5  Policies to regulate coal imports & exports

5.  China Coking Coal Supply Analysis

     5.1  Coking coal capacity -nationwide and by regions

     5.2  Coking coal supply

     5.3  Coking coal supply by province

     5.4  Coking coal supply by coal type

6.  China Coking Coal Market Analysis

     6.1  Analysis of impacts from ban of trucking coal inflow/outflow in Northern China's ports

     6.2  Coking coal imports

           6.2.1  By origin

           6.2.2  By province -imported volume in coastal regions

           6.2.3  Main importers

     6.3  Coking coal export

           6.3.1  By destination

           6.3.2  By province

     6.4  Coking coal stock changes

     6.5  Coking coal supply and demand balance

7.  Coking Coal Price Analysis

     7.1  Domestic coking coal prices (at production, transfer and consumption regions)

     7.2  International coking coal prices

     7.3  Comparisons between China and international prices


Part 2: 2018 China Coking Coal Market Outlook

8.  Macro-economic Outlook

     8.1  Macro-economic outlook -GDP, IVA, CPI, investments into real estate, infrastructure and manufacturing

     8.2  Outlook of Main steel-related industries -automobile, ship building and home appliances

9.  Coking Coal Demand Forecast

     9.1  Steel industry development forecast

           9.1.1  Output of pig iron and crude steel

           9.1.2  Steel import and export

     9.2  Coking industry development forecast

           9.2.1  Coke output

           9.2.2  Coke export

     9.3  Coking coal demand forecast

10. Analysis of Policies Affecting Coking Coal Market Operation

      10.1  Supply-side reform

      10.2  Supply guarantee

      10.3  Price stabilization

      10.4  Safety inspection

      10.5  Environmental inspection and air pollution control

11. Coking Coal Supply Forecast

      11.1  Coking coal capacity forecast -capacity of operating, built-up and under-construction mines

      11.2  Coking coal output forecast

      11.3  Coking coal stock changes

12. Coking Coal Import and Export Forecast

      12.1  Research into Import and Export Policies

      12.2  Coking coal import

      12.3  Coking coal export

13. Coking Coal Price Forecast

      13.1  Analysis of factors affecting coking coal prices

      13.2  Coking coal price forecast (monthly average price predictions of Liulin coking coal price and Shanxi coking coal price delivered at Jingtang port)