• 2018-2019 China Coking Coal Market Analysis and Forecast

  • Cycle of publication: Annual

    Date of completion: Dec, 2018

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Amid stable development of China's macro-economy, crude steel and steel products production grew rapidly in 2018. While coke output is reducing due to elimination of backward capacity and environmental restrictions, coking coal consumption keeps steadily declining. The supply has been dropping, affected by limited effective capacities, strengthening safety & environmental supervisions and cracking down over-capacity production. Under a tight supply-demand balance, coking coal price has been running high and corporate profitability continues improving.

Fenwei is timely releasing "2018-2019 China Coking Coal Market Analysis and Forecast", to review important policies affecting the coal operation especially coking coal market in 2018, and make a forecast in 2019 centering on policy environment, demand, supply, price, import & export, etc.


1.  2018 China Coking Coal Market Overview

2.  Macro Economy Review and Outlook

     2.1  Macroeconomic indicators and outlook-GDP, IVA, PMI, CPI, PPI, FAI…

     2.2  Fixed asset investment and forecast - investments into real estate, infrastructure, manufacturing...

     2.3  Production and forecast of main steel-related industries - auto making, vessel building, home appliances…

3.  2018 China Coking Coal Demand Analysis and 2019 Forecast

     3.1  Steel industry operation analysis and forecast

            3.1.1  Policy analysis and developmenttrend

                —  De-capacity policy continuing executed

                —  Replacement between de-capacity of blast furnaces and newly-added electric furnace capacity

                —  Environmental impacts weakening

            3.1.2  2018 pig iron, crude steel and steel products production and 2019 forecast

            3.1.3  2018 steel import & export analysis and 2019 forecast

            3.1.4  2018 steel price developing trend and 2019 forecast

     3.2  Coking industry operation analysis and forecast

            3.2.1  Policy analysis and development

                —  The elimination of backward capacity intensifying

                —  Environmental policies further enhancing

            3.2.2  2018 coke production and 2019 forecast

            3.2.3  2018 coke export and 2019 forecast

            3.2.4  2018 coke price developing trend and 2019 forecast

     3.3  2018 coking coal consumption and 2019 forecast

4.  Coal Industry Policy Analysis and Outlook

     4.1  De-capacity policy continuing forging ahead; capacity replacement ratio lifting

     4.2  The operation of newly-built mines and the release of advanced capacity speeding up

     4.3  Safety supervisions and environmental inspections becoming normalized and gradually escalating, thus restricting coal supply and transport

     4.4  Mining rights withdrawal from nature reserves & water source protection areas, and the reducing reserves of premium coking coal resources cutting the supply of high-quality coking coal

     4.5  The government introducing price cap measures, mainly targeted on thermal coal

     4.6  Import restriction policy affecting coal imports

5.  2018 China Coking Coal Supply Analysis and 2019 Forecast

     5.1  2018 China coking coal capacity and 2019 forecast

     5.2  2018 China coking coal supply and 2019 forecast

            5.2.1  By province

            5.2.2  By type

6.  2018 China Coking Coal Import and Export Analysis and 2019 Forecast

     6.1  2018 China coking coal import and 2019 Forecast

            6.1.1  By origin

            6.1.2  By province-imports of coastal regions

            6.1.3  By major importer

            6.1.4  2019 import forecast

     6.2  2018 China coking coal export and 2019 forecast

            6.2.1  By destination

            6.2.2  By province

            6.2.3  2019 export forecast

7.  2018 China Coking Coal Supply-demand Gap and 2019 Forecast

     7.1  Coking coal stock changes and 2019 forecast

     7.2  Coking coal supply-demand gap and 2019 forecast

8.  2018 Coking Coal Price Analysis and 2019 Forecast

     8.1  2018 domestic coking coal price trend (at producing areas, transfer ports and consuming areas)

     8.2  2018 international coking coal price trend

     8.3  Comparison between domestic and international coking coal prices

     8.4  Coking coal price forecast

            8.4.1  Price influencing factor analysis

            8.4.2  Monthly and annual average price forecast of Liulin coking coal FOR price

9.  Conclusions