• Fenwei Thermal Coal Weekly Update
    • Cycle of publication: Weekly

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Fenwei Coal Weekly Update summarizes the thermal coal  prices at home and abroad, operating rates of upstream and downstream companies, stocks, coal supply & demand, and imports & exports, the data of main ports and downstream industries; analyzes the changes of coal market in the week and the reasons in terms of coal market news & events, hot topics, policy interpretation, data analysis, etc; and provides market outlook and price forecast. Our Weekly Update presents you an informative picture of the coal and coal-related markets of China and the world.


Weekly Overview

1.   Analysis of thermal coal market in China

1.1 Analysis of prices and inventory changes (producing areas, transfer ports, consumption places.)

1.2 Analysis of imported coal prices (prices, seaborne freight, comparative analysis of domestic coal prices and imported coal prices.)

1.3 Analysis of thermal coal supply-demand balance (output, demand, import & export)

1.4 Policy interpretation and comments

1.5 Price forecast for next week

Key News & Events in Coal and Downstream Industries

1.  Domestic news

2.  International news

Table List

Weekly major thermal coal price changes

Overview of macro and industry data (macro economy, main related industries, coal import & export)

Thermal coal prices in key regions (producing areas, ports, domestic and international price indices)

Thermal coal inventory (Chinese northern ports, five ports at the Yangtze River Estuary, six major power plants, Australia Newcastle port)

Figure List

Thermal coal prices

Thermal coal stocks