• Friday October 15,2021
  • 17:21:30
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    The International Energy Administration (IEA) estimated the energy crisis around the globe will drive up oil demand by 500,000 barrels per day as coal and natural gas prices have surged to record highs. Global oil demand may restore to the pre-pandemic level next year, it expected.  

  • 17:06:16
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    Coal dispatch routes of Baixi (Baotou-Xi'an), Haoji (Haolebaoji-Ji'an) and Xiping (Xi'an-Pingliang) railways in Shaanxi province had eliminated flood disasters as of Oct 12, and they are now rushing delivery of 700,000 t of coal stranded during the National Day holidays, said China Railway Xi'an Bureau.

  • 16:49:08
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    Shandong's 2021-2025 Action Plan for Blue Sky Campaign proposes Shandong will deepen steel capacity exit from air pollutant channel cities and areas along Jiaoji railway (Qingdao-Jinan) and lift the share of coastal steel capacity to over 70%. The number of coking plants will be reduced within 20 with all plants with capacity below 1 Mtpa to withdraw.

  • 16:31:17
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    Shandong's 2021-2025 Action Plan for Blue Sky Campaign proposes the province's coal consumption will reduce 10% to 350 Mt during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and the share of non-fossil energy consumption will rise to about 13%. By 2025, renewable energy installed capacity will grow to around 90 GW and power supply from other provinces to reach 170 TWh.

  • 16:17:14
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    Russia plans to increase coking coal exports to India to 40 Mt per year, its energy ministry said on Oct 14.

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    CR Taiyuan Group has shipped 300,000 trains of coal totaling 22.37 Mt over Oct 1-14, with daily shipment of Daqin line at 1.03 Mt, lifting coal stocks to above 15 days of use at 15 power plants within its coverage and raising stocks at Bohai-rim ports to 16.23 Mt from 15.47 Mt in end-Sep. The Group aims to load over 19,500 wagons of thermal coal each day in Oct, accounting for 39% of total coal railing through China's rail network, according to Xinhua News.

  • 14:38:02
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    Coal India Ltd has temporarily ceased auctioning coal and also reduced contracted supplies to non-power customers to raise shipments to utilities that are facing the worst supply crisis in years. Non-power users account for about a quarter of India's total coal consumption. 

  • 11:14:01
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    Australian Bureau of Meteorology forecasted that stronger-than-usual hurricanes would make landfall on Australian sea area during Nov to Apr of next year, which will exert larger impact on its LNG, iron ore, coal industries.

  • 11:07:28
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    Shanxi's first batch of coal under supply guarantee commitment has arrived in Anhui province, with the first 2 trains of coal totaling 46,000 tonnes delivered to a power plant in Hefei city of Anhui on Oct 13 after departing from QHD port on Oct 11. This will help ease coal shortage of Anhui, and marks the beginning of Shanxi's coal guarantee campaign.  

  • 10:21:04
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    Caojiatan coal mine, another mine of Shaanxi Coal Group besides Xiaobaodang mine, signed a cooperation agreement with Jingdong Logistics (JDL) on Oct 14 to build intelligent materials management park and expedite the construction of a smart Caojiatan.

  • 10:09:23
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    Jinneng Holding Shanxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. estimated its net profit to tumble 97.21% YoY in Q1-Q3 to 4.90 million yuan and it to suffer a loss of 8.3 million yuan ($1.28 million) in Q3 as procurement cost of thermal coal rose significantly.

  • 10:01:18
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    Shanxi Coking Coal Group on Oct 14 reported its profit in the first three quarters of 2021 to jump 65%-115% YoY to 2.73-3.56 billion yuan ($420.76-548.27 million) with basic earnings at 0.6676-0.8699 yuan/share.

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    Transnet declared force majeure on fire in the evening of Oct 13 local time, as the operation of the entire Richards Bay MPT in South Africa was affected by the fire spreading from HO1 surveyor belt to other belts.

  • Thursday October 14,2021
  • 16:35:05
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    China's domestic coke supply is tightening as production curtailments are severe at most coking plants due to environmental requirement and energy consumption control, according to Sxcoal. In Luliang, Shanxi, some coking plants have suspended production due to incomplete capacity approval procedure, and operation is being restricted at different degrees in other coking plants. Coke production is also strictly controlled in Shandong.  

  • 16:22:21
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    Hami city in Northwest China's Xinjiang churned out 63.16 Mt of coal in 2020, and its coal output reached 46.60 Mt as of Aug-end this year, data showed.

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