• Friday June 24,2022
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    South African state power company Eskom said on June 24 that electricity cuts could intensify following labor protests at nine of its facilities linked to deadlocked wage talks.

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    China's state planning agency approved 10 coal mines in Xinjiang to raise production capacity on Jun 13, to ensure the country's energy security, according to a report by Xinjiang Daily.

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    Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Xinjiang and Shanxi contributed the most thermal power generations during Jan-May, with output respectively at 203.31 TWh (-4% YoY), 202.51 TWh (+5.8% YoY), 180.53 TWh (-6.6% YoY), 163.1 TWh (-10.6% YoY), 151.34 TWh (-2.1% YoY) and 134.56 TW (+8.1% YoY).

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    China economic hub Shanghai saw its power load jump to 29.97 GW in the afternoon of Jun 23 amid rising temperature, close to the 30GW-mark and reaching a new high in this summer. It also climbed up 11.28% from the max load in Jun 2021, according to state media CCTV.

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    Inventory of five major steel products in China's 21 cities climbed 3.8% from ten days ago to 12.85 Mt on Jun 20, according to data from China Iron and Steel Association (CISA). The volume was 63.1% or 4.97 Mt higher than the start of the year and 12.8% or 1.46 Mt YoY.

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    Shanghai asked power utilities to ensure coal stocks above 15 days' usage. The city's peak electricity demand is expected to reach 35GW in this summer.

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    Key power plants in central China's Hubei province received 3.12 Mt of coal from other provinces in May, falling 21.8% or 868,000 t YoY, showed data from the local development and reform commission.

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    Central China's Henan industrial power generation dipped 2.2% YoY to 21.88 TWh in May, with thermal power down 5.9% while hydro, wind and solar power up 6.9%, 16.6% and 12.4%, showed data from the provincial statistics bureau.

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    Jinneng Holding Shanxi Coal Industry Co., Ltd plans to produce 33.5 Mt of coal and achieve 31.81 Mt of commercial coal sales in 2022. It targets 13.6 billion yuan of revenue from coal operations.

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    All the 32 grid-connected coal-fired power plants in Hebei had 6.84 Mt of coal in stock as of Jun 22, enough for 37 days of usage, reaching a historical high level, according to local media.

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    Daily crude steel output at key member firms of China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) stood at 2.26 Mt during Jun 11-20, down 1.34% compared with the previous ten days and falling 5.74% compared with the same period in 2021, the CISA data showed.

  • Thursday June 23,2022
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    Coal exports of Brisbane port in Queensland, Australia rebounded in May totaled 64,000 t, slumping 74.35% YoY and 44.2% MoM, according to the latest data released by the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL).

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    Russia's coal production is expected to fall by 17% YoY to 365.1 Mt in 2022, while exports slump 30% to 156 Mt, said Russia's energy ministry, mainly due to the import ban on Russian coal.

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    The province produced 25.48 Mt of raw coal during the first five months of 2022, up 8.6% YoY, while commercial coal sales increased 5.8% to 35.27 Mt.

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    China, India, Japan, the U.S. and Russia respectively produced 435 Mt (-8.7% YoY), 53.2Mt  (+6.5% YoY), 38.Mt  (-3.5% YoY), 34.3 Mt  (-1.6% YoY) and 31 Mt  (-2.3% YoY) of crude steel in Jan-May. S Korea, Germany, Turkey, Brazil and Iran respectively produced 28.2 Mt, 16.4 Mt , 16 Mt, 14.5 Mt and 11.4 Mt, down by 3.4%, 4.8%, 2.8%, 2.2% and 10.8%.

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