• Wednesday November 29,2023
  • 14:14:15
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    The Russian Sibanthracite Group is aiming to boost production to 30 Mt by 2025. This expansion aligns with the company's broader objective of increasing exports, contributing to the ambitious plans of the Russian Federation to establish itself as the primary coal supplier to the entire Asia-Pacific region.

  • 14:12:33
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    India's coal output from captive and commercial coal mines reached approx. 80 Mt from Apr 1-Nov 20, 2023, up 23% YoY, according to the country's coal ministry. Coal production is expected to reach 145 Mt by the end of FY 2023-24.

  • 14:08:10
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    Cambodia has decided to forgo the construction of a $1.5 bln 700-MW coal-fired power project located in a protected reserve along the SW coast. Instead, it will proceed with the development of an 800-MW nat. gas-fired plant, Reuters reported, citing its energy minister.

  • 14:04:10
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    ArcelorMittal South Africa plans to close its long steel operations due to weak demand amid limited spending on infrastructure and project delays and high costs caused by the persistent rail logistics problems and intensifying electricity shortfall.

  • 10:52:11
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    Cement industry in Shandong province started the winter seasonal shutdown from Nov 15, 2023 to Mar 15, 2024, with the aim to stagger the peak of air pollution as the winter heating season kicked off. The suspension involved 69 cement clinker enterprises with a total of 85 production lines. Additionally, 176 building ceramic enterprises are set to undergo a period of kiln maintenance.

  • 09:14:00
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    Shanxi has achieved a good result in controlling total coal consumption in H1 2023. The industrial enterprises above designated size consumed 180 Mt of coal during the period, up 1.64% YoY, maintaining a low growth rate. By end-Sep, power generated by the new and clean energy rose 18.53% YoY and accounted for 24.53% of the total, Shanxi Daily reported.

  • 08:55:30
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    Russia's deputy energy minister Sergei Mochalnikov said Russian coal exports to China will reach 100 million tonnes this year, according to a report on wire service Interfax.

  • Tuesday November 28,2023
  • 17:20:45
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    Many people are missing after a roof collapse accident at a coal mine in China's NE Heilongjiang province, at 3 p.m. on Nov 28, Chinese state media outlet CCTV said. The accident occurredat the Shuangyang coal mine of Heilongjiang Longmei Shuangyashan Mining Co, and the rescue work was under way.

  • 14:48:31
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    China has approved totaling 12.40 Mtpa of coal production capacity in southern Gansu province, part of the Huanglong coal base, which ranks among the country's 14 largest coal-mining bases in the country, state media CCTV reported.

  • 14:21:26
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    Ukrain's largest commercial energy operator DTEK has imported 103 Kt of thermal coal from Poland since Sept this year, as announced by the CEO Ildar Saleev on Facebook. DTEK plans to continue receiving regular shipments from Polish for its thermal power plants, with an additional 177 Kt of coal planned for import by the end of the 2023/2024 heating period.

  • 09:58:40
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    India imported a total 25.58 Mt of coal in Oct, rising 26.29% YoY and 9.72% MoM, with non-coking coal imports at 19.0 Mt (+52.72% YoY, +16.33% MoM) and coking coal intakes at 4.24 Mt (-12.75% YoY, +3.97%MoM), according to data released by Iman resources.

  • 09:36:11
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    The first shipment of coking coal exported by China Risun Group was loaded at Rizhao Port, in Shandong province, on Nov 24, and will be soon delivered to Pt. Risun Wei Shan Indonesia very soon.

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    Shanxi Coking Coal has delivered a daily average of 122 Kt of coal entering Nov to ensure a stable energy supply during the peak winter period, related media reported. It is learned that the group has undertaken a total of 56.17 Mt of power coal supply tasks this year, rising 5 Mt YoY.

  • 08:46:31
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    PT Risun Wei Shan Indonesia, invested by China's largest independent coke firm Risun Group, has officially obtained an export license from govnt authorities and started to supply premium coke to world, the company said on its website on Nov 24.

  • Monday November 27,2023
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    A sudden fire in the conveyor belt system at Jingtang port in northern China on Nov 23 triggered a substantial power outrage at berths 36-40, forcing an immediate cessation of coal loading and unloading activities. Market analysts foresee a potential disruption in outbound volume by 1.1 Mt and an influx reduction of 1.2 Mt during the estimated 10-day maintenance period, based on pre-incident activity levels.

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