• 2020 China Coke Market Study and 2021 Outlook
    • Cycle of publication: Annual

      Date of completion: Dec, 2019

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Looking back at 2020, the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic at the beginning of the year caused a severe blow to the global economy. Encouragingly, the Chinese economy shows strong resilience, and recovers rapidly after a short-term decline. Since June, China's steel demand has maintained a high growth, and monthly crude steel and pig iron outputs hit fresh highs. As coking de-capacity efforts intensify significantly in 2020 while the release of new capacity lags behind, coke supply continues being suppressed, buoying coke prices to rise sharply.

As approaching the end of 2020, Fenwei is timely releasing “2020 China Coke Market Study and 2021 Outlook”, to review and interpret important policies affecting coking industry operation in 2020, and also provide detailed analysis and forecast in 2021 centering on policy environment, demand, production, supply, price, import & export, etc.


The report incorporates abundant data, figures and technical parameters in clear analytic logics and viewpoints, which shall definitely act as a valuable reference for market participants to become versed in the development trend of China’s coking industry.

1 2020 China Coke Market Overview
2 Macro Economy Review and Outlook
2.1 China's economy demonstrates high resilience (macroeconomic indicators and outlook-GDP, IVA, PMI, CPI, PPI…)
2.2 Fixed asset investment growth continues recovering (investments into infrastructure manufacturing, real estate)
2.3 Production of main steel-related industries (auto making, home appliances…)
2.4 Outlook on 2021 macro economy and main steel-related industry development  
3 2020 China Coke Demand Analysis and 2021 Forecast
3.1 Steel industry operation analysis and forecast 
3.1.1 Policy analysis and development trend
De-capacity task has completed.
Capacity replacement forges ahead, and the commissioning of new capacity speeds up.
The impact on steel supply from environmental production curtailments has weakened. 

3.1.2 2020 pig iron, crude steel and steel products production and 2021 forecast

3.1.3 2020 steel import & export analysis and 2021 forecast
3.1.4 2020 steel price developing trend and 2021 forecast
3.1.5 2020 coke consumption analysis and 2021 forecast in steel industry
3.2 Coke consumption in other industries
4 Coking Industry Policy Analysis and Outlook 
4.1 Changes in coking industry entry policy
4.2 Coking de-capacity policies
Coking policies at national level and in key provinces
4.3 Normalized environmental inspections continue disrupting coke production 
4.4 Coke import and export policy 
5 2020 Coke Supply Analysis and 2021 Forecast
5.1 2020 China coke capacity and 2021 forecast
5.1.1 In China and by province/status
5.1.2 Steel mills/independent coking plants
5.1.3 Top charging/stamping charging
5.2 2020 China coke production analysis and 2021 forecast 
5.2.1 In China and by province
5.2.2 Coke and semi-coke
6 2020 China Coke Import and Export Analysis and 2021 Forecast
6.1 2020 China coke import and 2021 Forecast
6.1.1 By origin
6.1.2 By province 
6.1.3 2021 import forecast
6.2 2020 China coke export and 2021 forecast
6.2.1 By country
6.2.2 2021 export forecast
7 2020 China Coke Supply-demand Balance and 2021 Forecast
7.1 Coke stock change and 2021 forecast
7.2 Coke supply-demand balance and 2021 forecast
8 2020 Coke Price Analysis and 2021 Forecast
8.1 2020 domestic coke price trend (at producing areas, transfer ports and consuming areas) 
8.2 2021 coke price forecast
8.2.1 Price influencing factors
8.2.2 2021 coke price forecast